Pittsburgh Residential Locksmith

Years of experience in the Pittsburgh market have led us to being a leader in home locksmith development. From home improvement projects to emergency an infinite doorwaylockout/break in services we are a name you can count on with a smile you can trust. We pride ourselves in being able to quickly and reliably provide a service that you need. While it is never fun to see someone in an unfortunately circumstance we do have a passion for rescuing people from this scenario as fast as possible. We care about our clients with the same capacity that they care about their homes. Knowing how important your place is to you is what drives us to do an efficient and effective job.

Locked out?

Sadly this has happened to a larger number of people than you may imagine. It is no time to be embarrassed but think clearly and come to the quickest most affordable solution. Some people in this experience may succumb to irrational thinking and do something rash. I’ve had to go replace locksmiths in homes in which the client had broken the window to get inside. homeThey were unable to locate the key inside the house as well, and still were in an unfortunate situation of needing to re-key the lock. The simplest solution is usually the best and in this case calling a locksmith will be your fastest most cost effective way to get back in your home today.

Break In?

home break inYes this happens way more often than any of us would like. It is never a fun side of the business and definitely my least favorite call to take. The most important thing in a stressful and likely emotional time such as this is to get your family, home, and assets protected as fast as possible. Whether you want to install new more secure locks, or just replace ones that may have been damaged we can likely find a solution that works for you so that you can secure your home as soon as possible.

Home Improvement

home improvementThis is definitely the preferred situation for us to be operating under, but unfortunately the least common. Many may people want to re-key or lock their home for different reasons from the old keys and locks getting worn out to replacing the locks after a bad breakup or old roommate. Sometimes people just want to upgrade their home with more security and a modern look. Whatever the case may be our Locksmith technicians┬áspecialize in making your needs a reality. We strive to make your home visions a reality today. If you haven’t tried our Pittsburgh Residential Locksmith services give us a call today and let us make you a believer.