Pittsburgh Commercial Locksmith

Are you in need of a commercial locksmith? Over the years we have established ourselves as a reputable commercial locksmith. Through reliable, trustworthy, and quality service it is no wonder that we have become the goto locksmith from many of our commercial clients. stamp of approvalWe cover the entire Pittsburgh and surrounding area no matter what time of day or night. We are versatile in our services, and provide a level of customer service that is considered top notch in our field. No matter what level of locksmith you need we pride ourselves on staying up to date in a world of fast growing technology.

Tenured Locksmith Services

Over the years we have truly created deep roots in the Pittsburgh market for locksmith services. Commercial clients are no exception to this rule in fact they are our leading source of return business and reputation. Business is founded on solid work ethic and a foundation of excellent services or products. As fellows in business we understand that we all must operate on thelocksmith certificate same fundamentals of a successful business in order to succeed. Keeping your best interests in mind before our own is what separates us from the pack in terms of leadership and honorability. If you want to choose a locksmith with experience and deep roots in the community then give us a call today, because you know we’ll be here tomorrow.


In the years that we have spent in the locksmith business we are constantly asking ourselves how to stay ahead of the game. Time and time again we find the real answer to this fundamental challenge is to stay current. Understanding new technologies and being able to provide them ASAP is what we pride ourselves in. No every Commercial need is a technologically current solution. There have been jobs in which we are just re-keying desks and file cabinets in order protect the company documents. locksmith toolsetOther jobs have included keying refrigeration units and liquor cages for local restaurants. Every business tends to have assets that they need to protect and while we’d love to trust every employee this isn’t always feasible. We can offer you intelligent solutions to managing your inventory and keeping your best assets protected at all times.

Superior Availability

Early in the game we realized that when someone needs locksmith services they need them fast, and not always at convenient times. We set up our business model around understanding that in order to best serve you we should be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. Unfortunately locksmith service needs don’t wait for normal business as would be most convenient for you.superior services Sometimes you may find that you need an emergency solution and you need it now. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver this solution for you on demand. If you haven’t tried our Pittsburgh Locksmith Services yet you should definitely give us a call today.